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Give you finances a Jolt with a loan from Jolt Finance.

Home Loans

With access to over 40 lenders and over 800 loan products, we can provide you with the most cost effective funding solution.

Asset Finance

Looking to get a new a motor vehicle, fleet of trucks, or the latest plant equipment to take your business to the next level.

Car Finance

Time to buy your new car? ,you can rely on Jolt Finance to provide great rates and fast approvals.

Personal Loan

When you really want that something special and just can’t wait, Jolt Finance is here to help.

No One Takes Better Care and Provides The Level of Services Found at Jolt Finance.

The Right Home Loan

Having the right home loan can save you tens of thousands of dollars. The smallest difference in interest rates, ongoing fees and other charges can cost you. 

Our online Loan Comparison Calculator will let you see exactly how much you could save with a better home loan.

About Jolt Finance

Since our inception in Brisbane in 1997, we’ve grown to become more than just a home loan provider.

We’ve expanded our services to include a range of finance options, from home loans, to commercial lending, personal loans through to property investing. 

Our experienced team are here to help. We can tailor a finance solution to meet your home loan needs and guide you through the process.

“Jolt Finance provides fully tailored finance solutions for every client.”

Latest Properties We Have Helped Purchase

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Why People Choose Us

  • Highly Knowledgable

    18 years working in many areas of the property and finance sector, we can provide a very high level of advise.

  • Prompt Reliable Service

    We take care of our clients, keeping you up to date every step of the way and using all our skills and resources to ensure your loan is approved.

  • Wide Range of Lenders

    Having access to over 800 different loan products means we can help you with all your finance needs.

Some of Our Lenders

We provide best services to our customers.

Average Results

We are experience and talented advisors.

Fast Facts

  • 18 Years Experience

  • 3457 Loans Approved

  • 93 Properties Purchased

  • 349 Declined Loans Approved

  • Multi Award Winning Broker

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